Essential sweater taupe pure path

This crewneck sweater is made from high-quality knit cotton, offering a luxurious texture that's both visually appealing and exceptionally comfortable. The knit provides a gentle stretch, ensuring a flattering fit while maintaining the garment's shape. The neckline, cuffs, and hem are finely ribbed, providing a subtle contrast in texture and enhancing the overall design. Reflecting our brand's attention to detail, a small metal plate with our wordmark logo is thoughtfully placed on the upper back, just below the collar. This sophisticated detail adds a hint of luxury to the sweater. As an integral part of our Essential Collection, this crewneck sweater is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Whether layered over a collared shirt for a smart look or worn with jeans for a casual approach, it adapts effortlessly to various styles.

€ 79,99 (incl. BTW)